startling banals

13 November 2008

(public domain photo)

Sings beautifully behind my building for some time just before sunrise.

A recording
from 'Learn Bird Songs' by Lang Elliott

Northern Cardinal: what a boring name. The Native Americans must have had a nice name for this bird, some name chosen with love, that tells us what's so special about it.


looks like a cousin of our bulbul .
thank goodness flora and fauna hasn't been globalised .
Blogger kaa, at 18.11.08  
true true..
bulbuls have a terrific community life though. and this one i saw quite alone.
a lonesome american bird trying to find its own voice
Blogger anish, at 19.11.08  
where do you live that you see cardinals in november? it's cold, wet, and white, here in wisconsin.
Anonymous nandita, at 4.12.08  
i live in brighton near boston. do they go away for the winter?

wisconsin.. laura ingalls wilder's book 'little house in the big woods' :)
Blogger anish, at 5.12.08  
what a beautiful bird!!
Blogger Tequila, at 30.1.09  

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