startling banals

05 December 2008

rocks resting in the attic
wake them up tomorrow
show them your newly-cleaned room
nudge them
shake them awake one by one
hear them murmur memories of mountain streams
promise you'll always remember
for ever and ever
sleep surrounded by dreaming rocks


Why did you disturbed us ?
We were enjoying our dreams.
We could see no traces of our descendants.
Please leave us in our attic.

With your vacuum cleaner -
You removed every trace of of our clan.
We don't care to look at your room newly "cleaned"
But please wake up,
Before your civilization is washed.
Blogger Wish, at 16.12.08  
And when they stop dreaming maybe the mountain streams will flow again.
Blogger Anil P, at 25.12.08  
this post was supposed to be just 'sleep surrounded by dreaming rocks'

sorry that i added the rest.. which is the story of what my friend (whose rocks were in the attic) was doing at home.. but without a vaccuum cleaner..
Blogger anish, at 26.12.08  
u explain too much
Blogger Junuka, at 27.12.08  
..But I was about to break the news to his Aai that he has cleaned his room!
Blogger Wish, at 27.12.08  

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