startling banals

23 April 2009

a small black bulldog
sniffs at my lunch bag
while passing by


while passing by
he sniffs at your lunch bag
small black bulldog.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 24.4.09  
lunch bag and you
small & black
bulldog & you
sniff & pass
wow..can you share some of that action the lunch bag exudes?
Anonymous mubin, at 24.4.09  
Draws the picture.
Blogger Anil P, at 25.4.09  
@ Anon: yes yours is a more classic haiku style :)

@ mubin: lunch bag had fish! and the dog never gets to eat it probably hehe

@ Anil: thank you anil! i really enjoy reading your blog. great going man!
Blogger anish, at 26.4.09  
hey fish?...
what style?
Anonymous kaa, at 30.4.09  
fish. mere roomie TD ke ishhstyle mein..
pyaaz, capsicum, tomato with black pepper ka tadka! mast hua tha yaar
Blogger anish, at 13.6.09  

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